Getting Connect-ED

During her 2012 Ted Talk entitled “Connected, but alone?” Sherry Turkle proclaimed, “technology is making a bid to redefine human connection.” Because we have learned to rely on technology to compensate for feelings of vulnerability, it has become increasingly common for humans to be satisfied with the false sense of connection provided by technology and … Continue reading Getting Connect-ED

Be the Life Preserver

Teaching to the student’s level and reaching new depths - online. Whether a life preserver to a new swimmer, a parent holding the hand of a new walking toddler, a teacher in a classroom, or a coach to an Olympian, to move the person further one will: Meet the student where they are. Teach new … Continue reading Be the Life Preserver

Shall We Play a Game?

~by Andrew Peterson Most of us can recall some experience in our formal education that included a game. Depending on your experience, it might have been a simple spelling bee, some form of Trivial Pursuit, or Jeopardy as a form of test review. Others might have played some form of role-playing, like a model UN, … Continue reading Shall We Play a Game?