Is Your Student Writing Quality Less Than Desired? Try These Tips and Tools

Whether you teach writing directly or indirectly in other subjects, this writing Tips and Tools website from the University of North Carolina is one to bookmark and share.   Photo by Timothy Paule II on Categories include Writing for Specific Fields and Specific Writing Assignments and Contexts in addition to traditional writing process standbys. 

Leveling up your online presentations

What's the best way to present content to engage students?  Any teacher will tell you that is a constant challenge when it seems there is always so much to cram in and only so little of a students' attention span available.  Most of us are not blockbuster filmmakers or Netflix stars, and love the discipline …

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Question the Assumptions to Assess Outcomes

Are you a social butterfly? Whether you are or not, you meet new people and are exposed to new thoughts and content constantly. When you are in a discussion at work, or in a social setting, of a topic where you have little knowledge, you ask clarifying questions and try to relate the response content …

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Supporting students takes faculty grit and perseverance

Similar to major athletic events, the closer we are to semester end, #finalsweekstress levels are evident.  Gone is the back to school game face, replaced by the disheveled look of late-night studying or suited up final presentation look.  Look past the exterior sweat or smart suit--The pressure's on, and who's going to make it through? I think …

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