Be Present in Your Online Course – Part 1

Written by: Kelley Senkowski, Online Design Consultant How do you ‘be there’ in your course so your student’s feel that they have a present instructor, as in a face-to-face class? To take it a step further, how do your students know that they have a real person as a teacher or instructor? How does your …

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Online Science Lab Technologies

Back in April, I wrote a blog article about online science labs and promised to write another article about the technology enhancements that are available, which will provide for rigorous and engaging general education online science laboratory courses. Video Video technology has been used for a long time to enhance learning.  I would contend that …

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Hoonuit Video Tutorial Training about Canvas

Canvas is a Learning Management System which adaptable, reliable, customizable, easy to use and mobile. In this series, you will learn how to use Canvas as an instructor to create new courses and maintain current courses. Manage and run discussion boards within your courses, manage and add assignment to your courses,  work with announcements and the calendar, maintain …

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LMS tools – Simple strategies to welcome students and simplify your semester

You can see energy crackling around schools, as students of all ages prepare to start a new semester. "Will this be the year I... [any hopeful or dreaded outcome]?" Returning faculty often exude a different vibe.  They tend to ask things like, "Where did the summer go?" or "How will I get everything done?" or …

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Is Your Student Writing Quality Less Than Desired? Try These Tips and Tools

Whether you teach writing directly or indirectly in other subjects, this writing Tips and Tools website from the University of North Carolina is one to bookmark and share.   Photo by Timothy Paule II on Categories include Writing for Specific Fields and Specific Writing Assignments and Contexts in addition to traditional writing process standbys.