Design Tips

Student engagement and learning success can be increased through implementing course design best practices.  Following are common questions with ideas you can easily modify for your content area.

Q:  I know peer review is beneficial, but how can I do that in an online class?

Adding a slight twist of a role-playing component to the peer review process can increase authenticity of your assignment as well as manage logistical needs for online submissions and feedback.  Example found at this link.

Q:  How do I structure a large project or paper for students online incorporating groups?  If they wait until the last minute, they won’t be able to succeed.

For student success with large papers or projects, breaking the assignment down into smaller chunks with multiple submission areas is critical for giving feedback and guide student progress.  Although establish these takes time, it builds in additional participation and interaction for students–another best practice for student success.  Example of breaking a large assignment down with student artifacts at this link.

Below are links to the Ferris Course Quality Rubric by Area

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