Cool Tools

Many templates and tools to save faculty time and increase student engagement and accessibility are available, taking advantages of new technologies to meet student learning needs.  Below are a few we’ve tested and used successfully at Ferris that can be easily added to your online or hybrid course. In the next few weeks additional tools and links will be added here for you to use. Please check back!


These template formats follow ADA guidelines. These are downloadable templates. In order to utilize their uses, we recommend you to download these files to your computer.

Rubric Sample Template: The sample for an assignment’s rubric

Schedule of Events Template: The sample for a schedule of events

Standard Syllabus Template: The sample for a standard syllabus

A Taxonomy of Questions for Question Generation: Writing questions for assessment can be a challenge, especially when trying to align the type of question with specific learning and thinking outcomes.  This taxonomy helps ensure you are assessing the desired type of student learning  (#OAM-Assessment, #OAM-Feedback)

Screen Recording and Capturing Resources: Screen capturing websites and examples of student assignments supports online learners in many ways. Here is a small selection of screen recording and capturing resources the Ferris eLearning Team recommends as a starting point.

Websites and Resources