Esports as the New Media Hub.

Written by Dr. Andrew Peterson, Coordinator of Instructional Technology A generation of content creators are emerging under the guise of gaming.  The new media royalty are establishing themselves as content experts, entertainment personalities, and everything in-between.  In a recent example, Fortnite (a popular / free online game) released their second chapter.  During this online event, … Continue reading Esports as the New Media Hub.

Online Science Lab Technologies

Back in April, I wrote a blog article about online science labs and promised to write another article about the technology enhancements that are available, which will provide for rigorous and engaging general education online science laboratory courses. Video Video technology has been used for a long time to enhance learning.  I would contend that … Continue reading Online Science Lab Technologies

Netflix: When words are not enough

“What are the top three things you love about technology?” is a question I’ve posed to hundreds of pre-service teachers I’ve taught as part of an icebreaker for the overview to ed tech class.   “Netflix” has made the list of almost every one of them.  92% of college students have access to a Netflix … Continue reading Netflix: When words are not enough

Online Science Labs

“Over my dead body!”  This was the response of Dr. Roy Mason, Professor of Biology at Mt. San Jacinto Community College (MSJC) in 2003 when the concept of teaching online science courses to non-science majors was discussed because students could not get to their remote campus to take classes. Dr. Mason and his colleagues were … Continue reading Online Science Labs

Learning About the Future by Reflecting on the Past and Present

The Past I consider myself a life-long learner and enjoy entertainment based on historical events. I am watching the Peaky Blinders, which is about a group of gangsters who ruled Birmingham, England a hundred years ago. In the show, I was struck that they did not have a phone in 1919. When they did get … Continue reading Learning About the Future by Reflecting on the Past and Present

Teach like a dog: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

5:51am     Manton Consolidated Schools will be closed due to the impending storm...My first thought (like many humans), an hour extra sleep!  I'll work from home rather than risk the 55 mile drive to work.6:45am     Gypsy, my dog, expressed different thoughts. "Mom, mom, time to get up for our walk!  We are going, right?  … Continue reading Teach like a dog: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Writing for Online Courses – How is it Different?

You are the expert in your chosen area, and love to teach others. How do you share the knowledge with others to enable synthesis and use, or sharing with others? How do you do this in the online environment? Whether you’re transitioning a face-to-face course to an online course or creating a completely new online … Continue reading Writing for Online Courses – How is it Different?

Innovation Version 42.8

I’m biased, I’m not patient, and I live in an industry with an innovation and adoption cycle that has never been sustained for so long in human history.  The Innovation Adoption Lifecycle has been the mantra for technology my entire life.  The only problem with this is that as soon as the Early Majority is … Continue reading Innovation Version 42.8

Online Student Recreation: eSports @ Ferris

Would you be surprised to know that Ferris State University has multiple eSports teams? Over 100 students self-organize, practice, and play competitive matches against students at other universities. There are pre-seasons, tournaments, qualifiers, scholarships, playoffs, coaches, stadiums, millions of dollars in scholarships, and matches broadcast online constantly. Currently, Ferris State University has seven competitive teams … Continue reading Online Student Recreation: eSports @ Ferris

Design Tips to Engage Today’s Learners

Tools in teaching have come a long way, from the Abacus to smart phone calculators. Although they teach the same concept, the tool used has changed dramatically during the Information Age of the past few decades. As tools or devices have changed so have the way a student processes information and learns. In the past, … Continue reading Design Tips to Engage Today’s Learners