Esports as the New Media Hub.

Written by Dr. Andrew Peterson, Coordinator of Instructional Technology A generation of content creators are emerging under the guise of gaming.  The new media royalty are establishing themselves as content experts, entertainment personalities, and everything in-between.  In a recent example, Fortnite (a popular / free online game) released their second chapter.  During this online event, … Continue reading Esports as the New Media Hub.

Online Science Lab Technologies

Back in April, I wrote a blog article about online science labs and promised to write another article about the technology enhancements that are available, which will provide for rigorous and engaging general education online science laboratory courses. Video Video technology has been used for a long time to enhance learning.  I would contend that … Continue reading Online Science Lab Technologies

Online Student Recreation: eSports @ Ferris

Would you be surprised to know that Ferris State University has multiple eSports teams? Over 100 students self-organize, practice, and play competitive matches against students at other universities. There are pre-seasons, tournaments, qualifiers, scholarships, playoffs, coaches, stadiums, millions of dollars in scholarships, and matches broadcast online constantly. Currently, Ferris State University has seven competitive teams … Continue reading Online Student Recreation: eSports @ Ferris

Feedback loop de loops

Written by Andrew Peterson Education can learn a lot from game design and development. Let's talk about feedback for a moment. Oftentimes when I'm feeling silly, I like to imagine a game that is designed to give feedback like a poorly designed or facilitated course. Allow the player to do anything in the game, and … Continue reading Feedback loop de loops

Shall We Play a Game?

~by Andrew Peterson Most of us can recall some experience in our formal education that included a game. Depending on your experience, it might have been a simple spelling bee, some form of Trivial Pursuit, or Jeopardy as a form of test review. Others might have played some form of role-playing, like a model UN, … Continue reading Shall We Play a Game?