Where’s Waldo, and How Do We Help Him Find His (Online) Way?

Click the image below from today's Course Design Basics workshop to learn strategies to orient students during your first week of class.  The notes section of each slide contains additional information, including links to research and applicable Canvas How-to information. Where's Waldo? - Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Next Semester Will Be Different

Each year, I end the semester giving finals, grading make-up work, helping students work through last-minute stressors, and feeling as if I'll never get all the grading done on the amazing projects students create.  All while trying to relax and enjoy the holiday season I have barely started preparing for.  Similar to a New Year's …

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Starting Fresh with a New Canvas

Attitude. We all have one, though it does change from time to time. Attitudes affect how we treat other people and how we feel.  The aftermath of Hurricane Florence devastated Spring Lake, NC on September 17, 2018. For a couple of months, people rallied to help by donating money, volunteering and praying for the victims. …

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Be Present in Your Online Course! – Part 2

This is the second in a post series on social presence in an online course. Be there. An online learning experience should feel like a class, with people. It shouldn’t feel like an independent, isolating course or like you are responding to a CPU or robot. When you facilitate an online course, students take your …

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Debunking the Myths Associated with Condensed and Accelerated Courses

~Written by Dr. Amy Greene, Executive Director for Online Learning and Adjunct Instructor in Learning Technologies All online courses are not created equal. Although the purpose of offering online courses is to provide students with additional course format options and improved schedule flexibility, we as educators can actually do more harm than good if the …

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Teaching Generation Z

I have the Maximizer strength and get energy when transforming something strong into something superb, including my students. Making students superb requires research and a strategic plan. My research led me to an investigation on my audience, also called iGen or True Gen. What I have learned has helped me come up with a strategic …

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Hoonuit Video Tutorial Training about Canvas

Canvas is a Learning Management System which adaptable, reliable, customizable, easy to use and mobile. In this series, you will learn how to use Canvas as an instructor to create new courses and maintain current courses. Manage and run discussion boards within your courses, manage and add assignment to your courses,  work with announcements and the calendar, maintain …

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