Give Me a Break! – Freshen Your Course

Everyone needs a break once in a while. Perhaps you need one now? Students are no different. Whether students are in online courses, or face-to-face, they need a change of pace, change of scenery and something new, just like you or I do. How can we give them the break, while still teaching them your …

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Is Your Student Writing Quality Less Than Desired? Try These Tips and Tools

Whether you teach writing directly or indirectly in other subjects, this writing Tips and Tools website from the University of North Carolina is one to bookmark and share.  

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Categories include Writing for Specific Fields and Specific Writing Assignments and Contexts in addition to traditional writing process standbys. 

Supporting students takes faculty grit and perseverance

Similar to major athletic events, the closer we are to semester end, #finalsweekstress levels are evident.  Gone is the back to school game face, replaced by the disheveled look of late-night studying or suited up final presentation look.  Look past the exterior sweat or smart suit--The pressure's on, and who's going to make it through? I think …

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Feedback loop de loops

Written by Andrew Peterson Education can learn a lot from game design and development. Let's talk about feedback for a moment. Oftentimes when I'm feeling silly, I like to imagine a game that is designed to give feedback like a poorly designed or facilitated course. Allow the player to do anything in the game, and …

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What’s all the Fuss About Feedback?

Last week’s “Engaged!” article discussed how instructors can “show up” to class online by providing and receiving feedback. Why is feedback so important? Feedback could be considered a dialogue, interaction, or a communication process to gather information. The practical purpose of communication is to get others to behave the way we want. If your students …

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