Is Your Student Writing Quality Less Than Desired? Try These Tips and Tools

Whether you teach writing directly or indirectly in other subjects, this writing Tips and Tools website from the University of North Carolina is one to bookmark and share.   Photo by Timothy Paule II on Categories include Writing for Specific Fields and Specific Writing Assignments and Contexts in addition to traditional writing process standbys. 

Leveling up your online presentations

What's the best way to present content to engage students?  Any teacher will tell you that is a constant challenge when it seems there is always so much to cram in and only so little of a students' attention span available.  Most of us are not blockbuster filmmakers or Netflix stars, and love the discipline …

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Netflix: When words are not enough

“What are the top three things you love about technology?” is a question I’ve posed to hundreds of pre-service teachers I’ve taught as part of an icebreaker for the overview to ed tech class.   “Netflix” has made the list of almost every one of them.  92% of college students have access to a Netflix …

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Three simple strategies to bring new life to discussion boards

The amount of participation and interaction students experience in their online courses is highly correlated with success.  This can be challenging to keep up with as an online instructor, especially as the semester is in full swing with grading, teaching, service, and more vying for time.  Fortunately, discussion boards can leverage technology's ability to connect …

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10 smart ways to use smart phones

Are you using the smart parts of your phone, or just the phone part? Beyond the typical texting, talking, and picture sharing features, today's phones offer many smart tools to help us with teaching and learning. The ten ideas shared below are only the beginning of uses we can make sure our students know about. …

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Writing for Online Courses – How is it Different?

You are the expert in your chosen area, and love to teach others. How do you share the knowledge with others to enable synthesis and use, or sharing with others? How do you do this in the online environment? Whether you’re transitioning a face-to-face course to an online course or creating a completely new online …

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Everybody in the Boat!

Design a course for ALL learner needs In today’s world, people have different backgrounds, cultures and learning needs, from all age groups and genders. Yet to move a whole group from one place to another, everyone needs to get in the boat. In education, we must get everyone in the boat to move them all …

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