Feedback loop de loops

Written by Andrew Peterson Education can learn a lot from game design and development. Let's talk about feedback for a moment. Oftentimes when I'm feeling silly, I like to imagine a game that is designed to give feedback like a poorly designed or facilitated course. Allow the player to do anything in the game, and … Continue reading Feedback loop de loops

Teach Technology, Teach Democracy

There is more to the digital divide than simple ideas of those with technology and those without (DiMaggio, P. & Hargittai, E., 2001; Warschauer, 2003), or conceptions of Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants (Prensky, 2001).  If those of us in education do not teach how technology is used to communicate information, we inadvertently become assistants … Continue reading Teach Technology, Teach Democracy

How do Technology Trends Impact Online Learning?

One constant with technology today is change--and deciding how the frequent, incremental changes in consumer technologies affect our teaching practice can be a challenge.  Amy Greene, Executive Director of Online Learning, and I put together this overview of technology trends set against the backdrop of what research says is needed to implement these trends.  Click … Continue reading How do Technology Trends Impact Online Learning?

Have you engaged your students today?

“Are you there, prof?  It’s me, online student.” When teaching face-to-face (f2f) classes, engaging our students and letting them know we care about their learning is simple.  We show up early for our classes, stay late, offer office hours, look them in the eye and talk to them.  Showing up when teaching online courses is … Continue reading Have you engaged your students today?