Hoonuit Video Tutorial Training about Canvas

Canvas is a Learning Management System which adaptable, reliable, customizable, easy to use and mobile. In this series, you will learn how to use Canvas as an instructor to create new courses and maintain current courses. Manage and run discussion boards within your courses, manage and add assignment to your courses,  work with announcements and the calendar, maintain … Continue reading Hoonuit Video Tutorial Training about Canvas

Online Science Labs

“Over my dead body!”  This was the response of Dr. Roy Mason, Professor of Biology at Mt. San Jacinto Community College (MSJC) in 2003 when the concept of teaching online science courses to non-science majors was discussed because students could not get to their remote campus to take classes. Dr. Mason and his colleagues were … Continue reading Online Science Labs

Innovation Version 42.8

I’m biased, I’m not patient, and I live in an industry with an innovation and adoption cycle that has never been sustained for so long in human history.  The Innovation Adoption Lifecycle has been the mantra for technology my entire life.  The only problem with this is that as soon as the Early Majority is … Continue reading Innovation Version 42.8

This is What Innovation Looks Like

“Innovation” is a buzzword that some people love to hate.  As a technologist, I find the word relevant, but I struggle with the applied meaning.  The word shows up everywhere, most notable in vision and mission statements. It is Ferris’ vision to be “the preferred choice for students who seek specialized, innovative, career- and life-enhancing … Continue reading This is What Innovation Looks Like

Online Student Recreation: eSports @ Ferris

Would you be surprised to know that Ferris State University has multiple eSports teams? Over 100 students self-organize, practice, and play competitive matches against students at other universities. There are pre-seasons, tournaments, qualifiers, scholarships, playoffs, coaches, stadiums, millions of dollars in scholarships, and matches broadcast online constantly. Currently, Ferris State University has seven competitive teams … Continue reading Online Student Recreation: eSports @ Ferris

Reincarnation: Breathe Life into A Dead Online Course Using Video

Engaging students in online courses happens by design, not by chance.  The Community of Inquiry (CoI) model asserts that social presence is not only important (Garrison, Anderson & Archer, 2000), but that “there are things the instructor can do to help design for and elicit social presence through teaching presence” (Lowenthal & Mulder, 2017). Using … Continue reading Reincarnation: Breathe Life into A Dead Online Course Using Video

Getting Connect-ED

During her 2012 Ted Talk entitled “Connected, but alone?” Sherry Turkle proclaimed, “technology is making a bid to redefine human connection.” Because we have learned to rely on technology to compensate for feelings of vulnerability, it has become increasingly common for humans to be satisfied with the false sense of connection provided by technology and … Continue reading Getting Connect-ED

Who Are You Calling a Narcissist?

As I was designing my course last summer, I could not help but to wish that all of my students learned like me because it would make my life easier when prepping my course.  I reflected on all of my scholarly success, how hard I worked to get where I am, and how these students … Continue reading Who Are You Calling a Narcissist?