Enhance Scanned Documents

Not all PDFs are created equal. For example, when scanning a paper document to a PDF format. Scanned documents are not readable by screen readers without some accessibility remediation. Once a document is scanned it needs to be tagged to be considered accessible. Tagging is process of adding computer coding that provides screen readers with … Continue reading Enhance Scanned Documents

Remediate Accessibility Issues in Source Documents

When it comes to remediating accessibility issues in PDF documents, a best practice is to make changes to the source document. So, what is a source document? A source document is the document in its original source file type. Many people create documents in Word and convert them to PDF. The .docx file created by … Continue reading Remediate Accessibility Issues in Source Documents

Acrobat Accessibility Tool

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC comes equipped with an Accessibility tool to assist with remediating accessibility issues. To access the tool and add it to your tool pane: Open Tools Scroll to Protect & Standardize Find Accessibility and select Add Add the Accessibility tool to your toolbar The tool is now easily accessed in the right … Continue reading Acrobat Accessibility Tool

Microsoft Check Accessibility Tool

Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint have a tool available to help identify and remediate accessibility issues. The tool is available at File > Info > Check for Issues > Check Accessibility. The Accessibility Checker will appear in the right-hand sidebar. When you highlight the error two things happen: Additional information about the error, warning, or … Continue reading Microsoft Check Accessibility Tool