7 Common Online Teaching Stressors and How to Minimize Them

“Is anyone else noticing they are more tired than they have ever been before?” Within 48 hours of semester start, variations of this question were popping up everywhere from faculty and teachers. Faculty burnout was oft-mentioned prior to Covid-19 (Gooblar, 2018). Almost six months after the shift to emergency remote teaching, nothing seems easier, everything takes longer, and no one has a magic wand (that works anyway) to solve pandemic problems and give us a rewind to before this happened. Zoom fatigue is real. Fortunately, we can use strategies from those who taught remotely and online in the past to minimize current stressors. Using the links below, pick and choose from seven common categories of stressors and explore strategies that may work for you.

Thank you to the https://introvertedonlineteacher.com/7-tools-and-techniques-that-help-me-manage-stress-as-an-online-teacher/ for the K-12 version that informed this post!

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Read also:

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