Be Prepared for a Potential Pandemic Pivot

August 24, 2020–It’s welcome back week for Ferris State University, and the first day back for many k-12 students. However, anxiety related to the uncertainty of schools remaining open due to Covid’s effects overshadows the typical excitement of starting a new year.

Adding to stressors, Zoom temporarily crashed. Fortunately, there are things under our control as teachers we can do to be prepared for whatever comes our way.

Following are recommended resources to use this week in preparation for Fall 2020 semester start. Also, you can find additional resources through using the keyword or category search for this site as well as on the Teaching Tools page

  1. The Ferris Faculty Guide (also embedded below for convenience) includes ideas and tutorials for 10 different “online survival skills.”
  2. #FerrisPreparedTogether Workshops (Recordings will be hosted in our Keep Teaching page
  3. Virtual Symposium Recordings with online topics and tutorials
  4. Sample Course, Art of Islam (You will need to log into Canvas)
  5. Sample Course, “Foundations of Teaching Online” (You will need to log into Canvas)
  6. The Ferris University-wide Syllabus Attachment


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