Educators Guide to Supporting the Social and Emotional Needs of Students

The “stay home, stay safe” order in place means the majority of faculty, students, and staff are now in a different family setting with college students back home and taking newly online courses, k-12 students home all the time, and many people working remotely while at home (and some wishing they could work but can’t).  Social and emotional needs are affected in different ways for students than while living on campus or attending school.  This is a new resource put out by the Michigan Department of Education to help educators know what to expect for reactions to the Covid-19 situation for different age groups and numerous resources available across the state where students and their families can access support.  Click the following link for a pdf of the document:

To make this resource available for your students, you can add this link to a module your Canvas (tutorial here) or Blackboard course (Blackboard tutorial here).  

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