Resources to Help Prepare You When Teaching Remotely Feels Like Learning to Juggle in a Hurricane

In a recent eLearning Department discussion on how best to support Ferris faculty, Jackie Hughes shared the apt analogy from Mark Prosser about learning to juggle in a hurricane.  Faculty are teaching during a state of emergency (and students are learning), watching events rapidly unfolding on a giant scale, and trying to continue normal functions while envisioning next steps based on predictions from limited information.  Following are a few resources targeting teaching tasks for the end of this semester, and some information about new training opportunities available this summer.

The eLearning Department is collaboratively working with many others across Ferris such as FCTL in addition to Michigan ed tech professionals to provide faculty development synchronous, asynchronous, and web resources.  These resources will be organized around online teaching and learning basics including discipline-specific options, various pedagogical approaches, and many different types of learners we have at Ferris. 

Our calendar of possibilities will be shared by the end of next week, including professional learning communities, distributed learning opportunities throughout the summer, and a fully-online version of previous summer Online Course Development Institutes.  All formal sessions will be recorded and hosted in Canvas to be as accessible as possible for you to get the topics and times you need.  If you have any suggestions for specific sessions, please share via email to  Canvas specific trainings are also being provided as well by Jackie Hughes and others!

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