Surviving Social Distancing

“Let me out!” Remember when you last went out to eat at a restaurant? How about a movie, concert or festival?

A graduate class at Ferris State University tackled that problem as soon as social distancing began, and wanted to create a guide that took into consideration one’s mental, emotional and physical health. They interviewed several people and surveyed over 60 between two surveys, on how they were feeling with social distancing compared to prior to the limitations being imposed. Other guides that they found covered one or two areas of health but not all three aspects of health. 

The project team who developed it, while remaining anonymous, would like it circulated to help as many people as possible. With the students’ permission, I share their guides for your use in your work teams, and departments, as well as with students in your courses. Print out for the workspace and give to students their first day of class to promote healthy habits. Please stay healthy while working and learning from home!

Social Distancing Survival Guide – for Students

Social Distancing Survival Guide – for Faculty and Staff

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