Give Me a Break! – Freshen Your Course

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Everyone needs a break once in a while. Perhaps you need one now? Students are no different. Whether students are in online courses, or face-to-face, they need a change of pace, change of scenery and something new, just like you or I do. How can we give them the break, while still teaching them your curriculum? One can get a mental break simply by doing something in a fresh or new way. 

There are many ways to present content, assessments and activities, and perhaps one or more of these will be new to include in your course.

Fresh ideas to try in your course:

  • Video use in instruction, such as TedX, movie clips or other video resources to compliment your content topic and make it relevant to students.
  • Social media, posts, blogs, Instagram, or other social media for student discussion, group work, or reflection of content.
  • Popular music clips in your content or slide presentations to liven up and wake up students.
  • Discussion boards posts where students ‘get out in the world’ and take a picture of something that relates to your content and post how it relates in the online course. (Social media platforms, such as Instagram can be used and discussions done in a f2f class.)
  • Cell phone use to video a short submission to show content mastery, answer questions, give peer feedback.
  • Choice board or menu to offer options and a choice of ways to assess content, video, poster, test, or other product, share design items with the class. (Show / present it in a video or synchronous chat for online classes.) 

Try it

These options may increase student participation and engagement in learning, and will make your content more relevant to the current student segment.Give a break, and have some fun in your teaching! 

Please post here if you add one of the above recommendations or update your course with a fresh idea and let us know your students’ reaction and participation. We’d love to hear!

Written by, 

Kelley E.B. Senkowski, Instructional Designer

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