eLearning Box Office Hits!

Do you feel stuck in a routine when teaching? Are you interested in adding new technology or trying a new online option for your students, but don’t know where to start? Never fear, the eLearning team is here! Let’s start with a little inspiration.


If you’re planning to take some time over the holiday break to watch movies, consider choosing our recommendations and watch them through the lens of instructional design! Then when you get back in January, make an appointment with us to keep the cinematic energy flowing into a course, project, assignment, or some other aspect of your teaching.

In the words of the great Walt Disney, “If you can dream it, you can do it”…of course he also said “One day I learned that dreams exist to come true. And since that day I do not sleep to rest, I sleep to dream.” Moral of the story? Spend your break watching movies and catching up on sleep and then let eLearning help you create something magical!



Groundhog Day (Recommended by Matt)

While it may seem like we do the same thing day in and out, it’s about changing your perspective and making the most out of your time, challenging yourself to learn new things and fall in love (with your teaching) again.


Trains, Planes, and Automobiles (Recommended by Andrew)

It’s about working with the team you’re assigned to.  Identifying each other’s strengths and trying to maintain a positive attitude.



Memento (Recommended by Amy)

The movie is about piecing together clues to make sense of reality, and let’s face it, sometimes students feel like their piecing together clues in an online course to try to make sense of reality. The movie is also a great example of Backward by Design.


Anger Management (Recommended by Jackie)

This movie has unclear communication, organizational structure issues, and feedback complications.


Indiana Jones (Recommended by Tracy)

Connect your classroom with real-world problems. I always loved how Indiana Jones started out as “just” a professor, but his field expertise was critical to solving society’s problems.  Imagine a class taught by him now with our access to mobile devices and technology!



Indiana Jones in the Classroom:  https://youtu.be/SmkJ0lrCpLQ

Indiana Jones out of the Classroom:  https://youtu.be/aM4ryGtEcu0

~Written by Dr. Amy Greene, Executive Director for Online Learning


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