Next Semester Will Be Different

Each year, I end the semester giving finals, grading make-up work, helping students work through last-minute stressors, and feeling as if I’ll never get all the grading done on the amazing projects students create.  All while trying to relax and enjoy the holiday season I have barely started preparing for.  Similar to a New Year’s resolution, I tell myself each time,

Next semester will be different.  I’ll re-do this activity/course/grading scheme and plan out next semester better and streamline my teaching…and…and…and…

To make this possible for those of you with similar aspirations, we’ve created a full-service approach to course design support with a variety of options available scheduled through early fall, 2020.  Whether you’re ready to dip your toes into using technology for teaching, jump right into the deep end, talk with your peers about common concerns, or focus on improving things you’re already doing, options are available.

To help you select the most beneficial support, we organized the workshops into the following categories:

Informal Professional Learning Groups

Share your ideas and experiences about tech and teaching topics with like-minded peers.  Two new groups starting with meetings in January: #CoffeeEDU (January 15) and  VR Minded (January 16).

Course Design Basics Series

These 90-minute workshops followed by a 90-minute open lab focus on key areas of online/hybrid course design and correlated with our Ferris Online Course Quality Rubric.  Next up:  Intro to Online Teaching & Learning, Tuesday, December 17.  Where’s Waldo?  And How Do We Help Him Get Started Successfully will be offered Thursday, January 16, at 9:00am. 

Special Topics & Events for Course Design Support

Increase your course design skills as you work smarter, not harder with your peers at this events targeting timely topics and continuous course improvement.  Coming next week:  Ugly Sweater Contest and Activity Revision Workshop, Wednesday, December 18.

eLearning Course Design Cohorts (Online with open lab support)

Offered each semester for those interested in developing an online course and taking advantage of the Course Development Agreement.  Participants will spend approximately 10 hours/week to design a course of their choosing through the different online activities.  Next Advanced Cohort starts February 10; contact Kelley Senkowski for more details.

For a complete list and to register for any upcoming training, you can go to the Ferris eLearning Training page.  There is a bit of scrolling through the calendars, but we’re working on that.  We also offer consultations for those of you who may be interested in a special project, program design, Small Group Instructional Diagnosis (SGID) or other teaching questions where instructional and program design can help.  For those of you who have schedules making face-to-face professional development possible, you can always take advantage of our 24/7 professional learning available through Ferris Engaged! Blog and Hoonuit Trainings (offered via MyFSU).  

Don’t see a topic you’d like to know more about?  Contact Tracy Russo, Senior Online Designer at 231-591-2804 or email

Next semester can be different–if you want it to be.

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