Starting Fresh with a New Canvas

Attitude. We all have one, though it does change from time to time. Attitudes affect how we treat other people and how we feel.  The aftermath of Hurricane Florence devastated Spring Lake, NC on September 17, 2018. For a couple of months, people rallied to help by donating money, volunteering and praying for the victims. After a while, people were distracted by current news and forgot that the people of Spring Lake were still without homes.  Aunt Kay (75 years old) is finally moving into her new home after 15 months of being displaced. Though she lost everything, she has a delightfully positive attitude.  She views her trials as an adventure and a blessing.

Although a new LMS is not the same kind of change that a hurricane can cause, it still can have a tremendous impact with short- and long-term effects on teaching.  When we transitioned to Canvas last summer, we had 16 instructors run 24 courses with 340 students.  This fall, we have 271 instructors run 509 courses with 6,544 students in Canvas this summer. We had 2,400 students who used the plagiarism detection tool this semester! We expect an even higher adoption rate for the spring.

Blackboard will no longer be used at Ferris after the upcoming semester. This process has been a fun experience for most people. We have talked to people with a variety of attitudes.  Some people were angry, and others were apprehensive. However, most people were excited.  It is fun getting something new. You have heard the adage: “Out with the old and in with the new!”  Some people love to learn new things.  Carol Dweck concludes that our mindset affects our behavior and therefore our accomplishments.

Many people have accomplished a great deal! Several people were inspired by the “Growing With Canvas” training course and used the Pages feature to design a fun Home landing page for their students, as shown below.

Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 11.35.41 AM

Other people have explored new designs for their Canvas and have embedded Arc/Studio videos into the course with quizzes!

Still, other people have encountered different ways to accomplish similar goals by exploring the features of the Conference tool in Canvas in an effort to use it the same way Blackboard Collaborate was used.

Some very determined people are figuring out how to get the ePortfolio/Folio tools to work with their curriculum. I do not know this because they call me.  I know this because I was going over the Canvas support log to see if people are using it and noticed a few questions about the portfolio tool.

Growth mindset people accomplish things because of their attitude choice.  Growth mindset people have what it takes to start fresh with a new Canvas and to design something that inspires students to learn.

There is help. ​Let eLearning know if there is anything we can do to help. There is training offered to help you with the course move.

~ Written by Jackie Hughes, Coordinator of Instructional Technology

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