As my liquid focus (coffee) begins to soak in the clarity of the 18 browser tabs, 7 email half-written, and 22 voicemail waiting to be listened to, I realize that I might just be buried.  I have at least 3 ticketing systems, 2 project management websites, and 4 different calendars all merging notifications to me on at least 2 different devices.  I have 3 phones that ring to me and 7 different email accounts I am responsible for responding to.  I have at least a dozen different social media feeds that mix social and professional circles reminding me of friends I think I recognize and conferences I recall attending a couple years ago.  Hashtags fly through with more acronyms than are humanly possible to recall.

…and yet I think I am happy.  Maybe it is just that I do not have time to figure out stress.  Alternatively, maybe this is just the new normal.  I am not sure.  I know passionate individuals who focus on student success surround me.  Petty drama enters the mix occasionally, we are human after all, but it is addressed in a civil manner and we all progress forward.

I am thankful for the people around me, the mission I am on, and the tools at my disposal to assist me along the way.  I am thankful for the intelligence I see on a daily basis, both academic and social.  I see people going the extra mile to ensure that someone has a better day than they did before they encountered each other.  I see academics and administration running parallel paths to help.  Sometimes it is easy to see only the different path being run and fail to realize that we are both running in the same direction.  There are unique obstacles in each path and different skill sets that allow each other to succeed.  To make sure I do not fall, I am looking at my own feet rather than respecting the challenges others have overcome.  I am thankful for this moment to add clarity and reflection.

I am thankful that this blog post is complete, although there are no citations, it could probably be longer, and I am sure a picture would help make it more enjoyable.  However, the second cup of coffee is calling me, and I am sure at least a couple of emails have hit my inbox while I have been typing.

Written by Dr. Andrew Peterson, Coordinator of Instructional Technology

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