PDF Accessibility Repair Workflow

How one goes about remediating accessibility issues depends on the contents of the PDF.

Here are some tips I learned during training on the order of tasks for remediating accessibility issues in PDFs.

  1. Is the PDF created from a scanned image? If yes – perform text recognition.
  2. Is the PDF a form with fillable form fields? If yes – add the form fields.
  3. Does the PDF document or form contain links? If yes – add the links.
  4. Does the PDF have multimedia? If yes – add the multimedia (make sure it is accessible with captions and video descriptions).
  5. Now – tag the document.
  6. After or during tagging have you edited the document? If yes, at the very least you will need to remove all tags and re-tag the document or form, it may be necessary to remove all tags, multimedia, links, and form fields and return to step 2.

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