What does persistence and resilience look like at Ferris?

view from culversLocal area schools are at a record 20+ snow days and many parts of Michigan were declared a “State of Emergency” in the last month.  Nothing like a good “Snownado” or “Thundersnow” followed by a full-on blizzard to start your week off!

Rather than share ideas on improving how we teach or strategies to incorporate new technology, in this blog I encourage anyone reading this to reflect on all of the things you must be doing well in your classes.  Interacting with and engaging your students with the content, revising course materials or activities, working to make your courses the quality experience our students deserve–it’s noticed.  Think of all the students who show up for your class, whether face-to-face or online and continue to tread through your courses in spite of the challenges around them.  The pictures here show the outside of Ferris, giving a taste of what staff, students, and faculty experience to make sure Ferris is up and running.  Beyond campus, everyone’s lives have been made more challenging from this weather.

Inside campus?  If you want to know what persistence and resilience looks like at Ferris, look at all of the people around you.  Whether they are here to teach, learn, or work behind the scenes, Ferris State University is clearly filled with people who passionately care about education!  That’s critical, as on the National Survey of Student Engagement (2018), the campus environment quality of interactions is the #1 highest Freshman student engagement indicator.

In my next post, I’ll be sharing 10 tips on using your smartphone for online learning.  In the meantime, celebrate all of the amazing people around you!

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